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The Work-In-Progress Writings of Bailey

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Miharu's Writing
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fanfiction writing
You're probably wondering why this community exists. This is the general gist.

The name is Bailey (or Miharu). I'm a writer, mostly fanfiction. Right now, I'm on a different computer everyday, usually one that isn't mine. And, it's really hard to write when you're changing computers so often. One fanfic is one one computer, but you can't get to it because the owner is asleep or you aren't even in the same town.

So, since my JumpDrive just broke and I have NO money for a laptop, I devised this little place. Basically, it's a place for me to store my works in progress. When I have a fic fully done, it'll most likely go to my DeviantART account. However, I currently have no money to invest in a JumpDrive, and this is the only way for me to come close to keeping up with my writings.

This community is mostly for me, but if you would like to join to leave comments, you are more than welcome to try. I don't think I'll open this for the public (or members) to post, however. It's mostly a tool. :3