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Akuroku - We need to talk

This is just a little plot bunny I came up with while attempting to play Halo... It didn't end well. XD Anyway, I love the ideas of: all the KH original charries going to school with each other, Sora/Roxas as brothers and Axel being WAAY over protective. So, I thought I would combine them. I also love the idea of Organization members being relatives. XDD

We Need to Talk - WIP
: Unknown, won't be over PG-13
Plot: Roxas is getting tired of the rumors spread throughout the school. He wants to know the truth. They need to talk

Axel had been Roxas's first friend. Even though they were three years apart, it didn't matter. They had always been friends and they would always be friends. In fact, they were so close that when Axel was fifteen and his parents had to move, he opted to stay with his over-controlling Uncle Xemnas JUST so he and Roxas wouldn't have to worry about it. No matter what kind of fight or tragedy happened to their lives, they could handle it. The only thing that had ever came close to damaging their relationship was Namine.

Namine was Kairi's cousin - Kairi being Roxas's brother's girlfriend. Roxas and Namine had met just last year - fourteen-years-old and the summer before high school. They had hit it off really well and Roxas almost had his first kiss. Roxas had spent almost all of his time that summer with Namine and practically ignored Axel. Once Namine left and Roxas tried to hang out with Axel again, Axel freaked.

"How could you do that to me, Roxas?!"

"Do what?!"

"You hang out with- with- HER all summer, ignoring me, and then expect me to just say it's all okay when she leaves. Way to make me feel like I matter."

Of course, they let the fight rage, but soon both apologized. Roxas for treating Axel such a way, and Axel for not saying anything. Roxas thought their friendship would be fine again. But... It wasn't quite that way anymore. Axel seemed just a little colder, a little more serious, a little less like his friend.

Roxas's first day of high school started with them this way. Roxas had assumed - correctly - that Axel would take him under his wing. He showed Roxas all the ropes, hoping to give the kid a good "chance of survival." Everything was very normal for a while. They would meet each other every chance they could. Sometimes with Sora and his gang, sometimes by themselves. Other than the occassional episode of weirdness, Axel seemed to be hisself again.

But, one day, Namine showed up. She had transferred to their school. And, while Roxas DID include her in his and Axel's duo sometimes, he hadn't really spent THAT much time with her. At first. It was so much easier for Roxas to be with Namine - a freshman like him - than it was to be with Axel - a senior. Roxas was including her more and sometimes arranging or skipping plans with Axel. But, Roxas really was trying to be friends with both of them.

Axel started becoming more and more distant with him, despite the blonde's best efforts. Sometimes, Roxas would call to him in the halls and Axel wouldn't answer. Whether he was ignoring him or thinking about whatever was bothering him.

Then, the rumors started. There were whispers in the hall as he passed. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but you can just tell when someone is talking to you. He brushed it off thinking someone was making fun of his "chicken butt" hair... Again. Later, he started to hear Axel's name and his in the same sentence. Whatever. They could talk all they want. It was just those preppy little bitches who lived to ruin people's lives.

Eventually, it was the whole school. And, they only got louder and more noticable when he was alone with Namine or Axel. All he could feel was people pointing and whispering, and the fact that his best and other friend were being thrown into the mix was not helping his mood. To make matters worse, Axel and Namine were acting very different. Namine was much more distant lately and Axel was ignoring him flat-out. No returned phone calls, IMs, notes, conversations, nothing.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He had to know what these rumors were about. He asked Kairi. 
"Do you know what the rumor about me is?"

"How could I not? It's been all over the school for ages."

"What is it?"

"... Well..."


"Everyone is saying that Axel is in love with you, and that you keep going from one to the other. And, now that you and Namine seem to be dating, Axel's heart broke."

Finally, it all made sense. Axel was avoiding him to stave off rumors. Namine was being skiddish so she wouldn't seem too close to him. Who needed a rep like that when you were the new girl in town?

Namine was easy to fix, he just had to have a light, half-joking conversation about how silly the rumors were. It would lighten the mood and make Namine be less conscious of rumors. But, Axel...

Axel probably thought Roxas was- well, he didn't know what to think. He needed to talk to Axel.


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